To schedule an initial appointment, please contact:

Dr. Gwen White

Phone: 267.254.0015



Our Counseling

Each individual, couple, or family has unique strengths and unique hurts that, when fully explored, will bring to light new, more healthy ways of thinking, feeling, and acting in the world. The truth about ourselves is sometimes hard to see, hard to understand, and hard to admit. The process of psychotherapy helps us look at these hard realities within the safety of a caring, professional relationship. Let the truth set you free in new ways! We want to help you deepen your spirit and find new joy.

Psychotherapy that helps to bring about transformation will offer insights into the deeper motivations that lie outside our usual conscious awareness. We seek to provide, through the therapeutic relationships formed between our clients and counselors, the opportunity for the client to risk new ways of relating and being in the world.

Counseling is always confidential. We understand the importance of guarding your trust. Your concerns for personal growth will be met with dignity and respect for your privacy.

Our Connection

We are connected with Circle of Hope through the compassion team called the Circle Counseling Support Team and through the generous conviction of the church to support members in their psychological and relational development.